audibene: So sind wir / What we are like

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English translation:

First of all, hello!

audibene, in general, wants to make sure that everyone can hear well and is, therefore, happy.

Not only do they think big, but they also have a great deal to offer.

With exciting projects worldwide, we can really set an example in the industry and supply many markets and many customers with hearing aids.

At audibene there are many different teams. We have sales: the heart of our business, we have marketing, finance, BI, people and many more!

What I appreciate about audibene is that we work fast, have a lot of fun at work and that we are the fastest-growing company in our sector.

What kind of person do you need to be? You need to understand the world of audibene a bit. You need to understand the world of hearing aids a bit. You need to be willing to really help people- I think this is important. You also need to communicate openly and simply be a happy and energetic person.

A definite responsibility is to be active in the sales team, to inspire the customers with enthusiasm for the topic of hearing aids and to reassure them positively that their quality of life is reduced.

I enjoy working with partners because we pursue a common goal and yet we have different types of people, and that’s what I find super exciting.

Our Partner Network is so colourful, like audibene, and that makes a difference for me.

My task is to work with our partners day-to-day to make both sides more successful. It is incredibly fun to see where the journey is going and how successful you can be and how happy you can actually be.
My role at audibene is that of a product manager in the partner team, and my main concern is to improve the cooperation between audibene, the customer consultants, the customers, and the partners.

Mistakes happen, mistakes make us strong, and we can learn from mistakes.

Then we say “Okay, what was not so good about it and how can I make it better next time?”

If I am unsure of the situation, I can find someone who can give me support. Yeah, we make sure that things run smoothly.

We hope you got a good idea about what we are like here at audibene. If you are interested in joining our team, check our vacancies on our careers page.