Welcome to audibene – Why We Love Working Here

Welcome to audibene! Why dont you find out, why we love to work here? Meet our colleagues and get a glimpse of our office in this video.

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Alina: Strategic Sales Project Manager
Tobi: Global Head of Product Management
Mirko: Customer Sales Consultant
Tessa: Head of People Development
Oskar: Business Development Manager
Manja: Head of Partner Development

Welcome to audibene! Why we love working here: English translation:

Alina: Hi! I’m Alina. I’ve been working at audibene for three and a half years.

Tobi: Hi, I’m Tobi. I’ve been working at audibene for six years.

Mirko: I’m Mirko. I’m 50 years old, and I’m a customer consultant at audibene.

Tessa: At audibene there are many different teams. We have sales: the heart of our business, we have marketing, finance, BI, people, and many more!
My vision is to empower people so that they can empower their teams and colleagues to give their best and be happy with us.

Alina: My favourite place at audibene is definitely the terrace because we can always meet people there in the evening and also drink a beer together.

Oskar: I appreciate at audibene that we are a very young team, that we work fast, that we have fun at work, and that we, in our sector, are actually the fastest-growing company there is.

Tobi: Our set-up at audibene is actually great! There is nothing to complain about! We have the latest tools and the best techniques and we also simply invest really a lot.

Manja: My favourite sound? The buzzer when we make a sale and we make new customers happy!

Mirko: What kind of person do you need to be? You need to understand the world of audibene a bit. You need to understand the world of hearing aids a bit. You need to be willing to really help people- I think this is important. You also need to communicate openly and simply be a happy and energetic person.

Alina: So, what are you waiting for?

Find your dream role at https://karriere.audibene.de/.